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Why Trump Won't Give Up the Verbal Abuse
Donald Trump is many things. . . businessman, entertainer and politician. But did you know that he is a verbal abuser?
The Verbal Abuse of Donald Trump

The presumptive Republican Candidate for President is a verbal abuser. Donald Trump has called his political opponents names like “hypocrite,” “weak,” “a pathetic figure,” “liar,” “choker.” And he relishes repeating nasty nicknames for his opponents: “Crooked Hillary,” “Lying Ted,” “Low-energy Jeb.”

I have seen and treated many targets of verbal abuse over my last forty years as a practicing psychologist. With Donald Trump as a candidate, we can all see the cycle of abuse playing out on the national stage.

Part III: How to Take an Adult Timeout
The abuser is in a timeout from you when you can no longer hear, see or pay attention to the abuser. Your goal is to take a timeout as rapidly and as consistently as possible when your partner says something that is verbally or emotionally abusive.
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Minding Your Spirit

This is the professional home of Elizabeth Nyblade, Ph.D., and contains information about her training, her work, her publications, and her good wishes for your healing journey toward your own goals.

I have named the website ‘Minding Your Spirit Together’ because I see that as the work that each of us has ahead of us. Psychologists and other counselors assist you in ‘minding your spirit’ when you work with us on your own goals.

The ‘mind’ is the common term for our conscious brain, the part of us that is self-aware and insightful. The mind is active in meeting our own needs, and active in solving our problems. When we are ‘minding’ something, we are thinking about it, tending and caring for it, bringing our best selves into relationship with it. We ‘mind’ our business. We ‘mind’ our children. We ‘mind’ our manners and we are ‘mindful’ of our futures. Your mind is your best tool to create a happy present and a satisfying future. Your mind is your best resource for understanding and healing from a difficult past or present. When you are abused or rejected or abandoned, you ‘mind’. That is, it matters to you what happens and you keep your sorrows and traumas ‘in mind’ until you resolve those issues to your own satisfaction. Your past may be ‘out of sight’ but it is never ‘out of mind’. The mind is rational, adult, and a most important resource for you.

But your brain has more than a rational, logical, and adult presence in your life. There is more to your life than the ‘life of your mind’. You also have a life that includes your feelings, your aspirations, your connection with your body, and your spiritual self. That’s the aspect I’m calling your spirit. The word ‘spirit’ suggests your moods and your feelings, including your gusto. The word ‘spirit’ suggests your courage, strength and honor. It suggests your determination, your ‘heart’ and your mettle. It is your soul and your hope for the future.

If you are ‘minding your spirit’ then you are thinking about, being self-aware and insightful about, yourself. You are caring for your being, nurturing the tender aspects of yourself, honoring and cherishing your core identity and all aspects of it.

Please let me be a part of your journey. I’d like to share the information and wisdom that thirty-five years of listening, and talking, to people has given me. Come to this spot when you are interested in ‘minding your spirit’.    


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