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My Qualifications

You may want to know something about my training and experience before seeing me for therapy. Or you may like to know something more about me as an author. Here’s some information that you may find useful to tell you where I’m coming from and how I see the world.
My Training:

I attended Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio for four years, graduating Cum Laude in 1969. I majored in French Literature but took most of the undergraduate major in psychology as well. I was a graduate student in Speech Science at the University of Washington for two years, and studied speech and language, particularly in children. I moved to the A.P.A-accredited program in clinical psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington in 1972 and completed a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Developmental Psychology in 1976. I completed a pre-doctoral internship in the APA-accredited program at University Hospital in Seattle in 1975. As the state requires, I completed a year of supervised residency prior to receiving my license to practice independently as a psychologist.
My Credentials:

I received my license to practice psychology in 1977 in the State of Washington, and it is annually renewed. In 1981, I received the initial certification in school psychology and in 1984, the permanent certification in school psychology. I was a supervisor in a state-accredited domestic violence program (perpetrator treatment) from 1994 to 2004. The Department of Social and Health Services also accredited me as a mental health counselor, a specialist in developmental disabilities, a specialist in child treatment and a specialist in gerontology for purposes of practicing in a community mental health center.
My Work Experience:

I practiced as a psychologist for four years at the community mental health center in Friday Harbor, Washington (1975-1979), then worked for four years, part and full time, at Western Washington University as an Assistant Professor of Psychology. I taught undergraduate and graduate classes in the psychology of adolescence, family counseling, gender roles, testing and assessment. I began a private practice in clinical and school psychology in Bellingham in 1981.

I have worked in Bellingham as a psychologist since 1981. I worked part-time for the Bellingham School District for two years as a school psychologist, evaluating students and formulating educational plans for them. I worked particularly with developmentally delayed and severely behaviorally disturbed students at the high school level. I worked for four years part-time for St. Luke’s Hospital in the Rehabilitation Unit, evaluating and treating patients for physical and emotional difficulties after injuries and acute health problems, and I have worked for a variety of agencies such as the Department of Social and Health services, law enforcement agencies, community mental health and social services agencies.

In 1993, I started a full-service private mental health clinic and became its Clinical Director. My work expanded to include administrative management and clinical supervision of psychology interns and residents, master’s level counselors, and family health specialists. I also worked as Testing Director, supervising the psychological evaluation program, and coordinating the legal response program. I had administrative responsibilities in a domestic violence program as well. In 2003, I was involved in closing that clinic and began work at Care Medical Group, ExpressCare as a health psychologist and Director of the Mind/Body Health program.

Since 2004, I have had a private practice as a solo practitioner of psychotherapy and assessments. In 2008 I added part and full-time work as a school psychologist at Concrete School District and refocused my private practice on therapy once again. I have also worked for Ferndale School District and San Juan Island School District. I currently work with the Lynden School District.


I have generally maintained two kinds of practice: an evaluation/assessment practice and a treatment practice.

As an evaluator, I specialized in assessments of children and adults in a variety of areas. I provided assessments to diagnose Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disabilities, and brain-behavior relationships. I provided documentation and testimony for legal proceedings, particularly in areas of personal injury, domestic violence, parental competence, and the abilities and disabilities of those charged with crimes. I also provided consultation to attorneys on mental health issues. However, as indicated, I have refocused on my therapy practice and I no longer do evaluations in my private practice.

As a psychotherapist, I work with couples, individuals and groups. I see people for a variety of problems, especially relationship difficulties, depression, and domestic violence issues. I have special training in trauma treatment, improving sexual functioning, and addiction-behavior control. I work with families and parents about parenting issues, discipline and improving family functioning. As a health psychologist, I work to alleviate medical symptoms like fatigue, nervous system hyper-arousal and headaches. I assist in preparation for surgery, and I work with the mind-body interface to help people take charge of their health.

In 2010 I began work on a number of publications intended to provide information to other therapists and lay audiences on verbal and emotional abuse, sexual enhancement and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In the future I will be focusing most on therapy and writing.

Treatment Style:

As a psychotherapist, I place great emphasis on trying out and using new points of view to understand painful past events, or to cope with current stressors. I like to help people question old beliefs and habits, and learn new ones that will prove more satisfying. I have great respect for the physical aspects of problems like depression or learning disorders, and I encourage additional medical treatment where it may be helpful. When working with relationship difficulties, I help couples reach agreements on their differences, and I work well in situations of high conflict. Overall, I take a very active stance in treatment.

I enjoy doing short-term, problem-centered therapy with individuals who focus on a short-term goal. I also provide lengthier therapy for people who want to make larger changes or come to a higher level of functioning in several areas.

I believe that people can heal and change if given information, opportunity, and support. It is a great joy to work with people as they grow, and it is an honor to participate in the healing process.


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